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How we work


We want to create and manage an organization distributed across countries that allows for an open participation with low entrance barriers. We want this organization to have an agile process and workflow with a good degree of transparency regarding ongoing work, available skills and missing resources.

Additionally, we need a (small) number of efficient tools to support communication and information flow between members and to document and structure the information created in the process. In order to meet these requirements, we came up with an organizational model that is focused around working groups (hubs), their ongoing work (projects) and associated resources.


Our entire organization is composed of self organized groups that collaborate to achieve common goals (projects) - we call them hubs. Hubs are like departments without any imposed hierarchy. The hub members define and work on projects. Each hub has at least one responsible coordinator. Our tech hub provides convenient communication infrastructure and information management tools to provide each hub with its own communication channels and make . Have a look at our hubstack

Anybody can become a member of a hub to work on any of the projects of that hub. In general, anybody is invited to found a new hub, create projects and search for like-minded people to work on those projects as long as she/he brings the necessary commitment to take proper care of it. Contact us at hubs (at) if you want to know more.

Email Location
Open Medicine Initiative e.V. Berlin
Berlin Central Hub Berlin
Advisory Board advisory-board (at) openmediaid (dot) org



We organize our work in projects that define the broader goals and milestones of our efforts. These are then divided into work packages and smaller units of work. People pick up those units in order to make the project progress. We use an open source project management tool to keep track of projects and tasks and show what people are working on.

OpenProject Reference Required Roles Status
Medical Data Model Medical Doctor, Software Architect In Progress


Members, Roles and Resources

People become members of one or more hubs to participate in the accomplishment of project goals. It may be you working with others on a design of a medical fact sheet or building medical ontologies.

Roles are defined in alignment with a set of skills that are usually required to achieve certain tasks (very similar to job positions). We assign roles to people when they work on projects.

We define resources to transparently communicate our needs and capabilities. [WIP]



First of all, we do believe that people and communication are more important than process and tools. However, when working in a decentralized structure and with large amounts of information, the right tools can become a great enabler for people to work more effectively.

The research and selection of the those tools is at times quite difficult - especially for non-technical people. This is why the Berlin Tech Hub provides a collection of very impressive open source software to do our work more efficiently.


Project Management (openproject-ce)


Mailing-List/Forum (GroupServer)

Wiki (dokuwiki)

File sharing, task management, calendar, contact management (ownCloud)



Tue, 08/11/2015 - 20:30

Our first meetup of our recently founded group


The article (in German) tells a part of our story and mission. Read more...


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Open Medicine Initiative e.V.


Amtsgericht Berlin Charlottenburg
ID: VR34011B
Mail to: hello (at) open-medicine-initiative (dot) org



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